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Laphing jacks twin sister by Ticci-toby-the-wolf Laphing jacks twin sister :iconticci-toby-the-wolf:Ticci-toby-the-wolf 1 0 Maskeys  twin sister  by Ticci-toby-the-wolf Maskeys twin sister :iconticci-toby-the-wolf:Ticci-toby-the-wolf 1 0 Hoodies twin sister  by Ticci-toby-the-wolf Hoodies twin sister :iconticci-toby-the-wolf:Ticci-toby-the-wolf 2 0 BEN drowned twin sister  by Ticci-toby-the-wolf BEN drowned twin sister :iconticci-toby-the-wolf:Ticci-toby-the-wolf 2 0 Jeff the killers twin sister by Ticci-toby-the-wolf Jeff the killers twin sister :iconticci-toby-the-wolf:Ticci-toby-the-wolf 1 0 Eyeless Jacks twin by Ticci-toby-the-wolf Eyeless Jacks twin :iconticci-toby-the-wolf:Ticci-toby-the-wolf 1 0 Ticci Tobys  twin sister by Ticci-toby-the-wolf Ticci Tobys twin sister :iconticci-toby-the-wolf:Ticci-toby-the-wolf 1 0 The dream stalker! by Ticci-toby-the-wolf The dream stalker! :iconticci-toby-the-wolf:Ticci-toby-the-wolf 1 0 BEN'S  controller  by Ticci-toby-the-wolf BEN'S controller :iconticci-toby-the-wolf:Ticci-toby-the-wolf 0 0 Laphing jack  by Ticci-toby-the-wolf Laphing jack :iconticci-toby-the-wolf:Ticci-toby-the-wolf 0 0 Ticci toby  by Ticci-toby-the-wolf Ticci toby :iconticci-toby-the-wolf:Ticci-toby-the-wolf 1 0 BEN drowned  by Ticci-toby-the-wolf BEN drowned :iconticci-toby-the-wolf:Ticci-toby-the-wolf 1 0


The mountain view by brandonclark2003 The mountain view :iconbrandonclark2003:brandonclark2003 1 1 Terror by mangakasan Terror :iconmangakasan:mangakasan 319 9
Markiplier x Youtuber!Reader-Why don't you laugh 2
Amulet-Voltaire: “You’re actually writing a SEQUAL!?” Yeah, so now you be quiet about it. -_-
I do NOT own Markiplier, he owns himself!... And you.
[F/n] - first name
[N/n] - nickname
[Y/n] - Youtube name
[m/d] - morning drink
     [F/n] awoke pleasantly, for the first time in months.  For such a long time she didn’t have to wake up to her parents yelling/criticizing, little children screaming their heads off, or to her ex-boyfriend being the abusive asshole he was, and always will be.  [F/n] pitied the woman who settles down with him.  [F/n] sat up and stretched, relaxing when she heard the popping of her joints.  Smiling brightly, she jumped off her bed and shivered.  Damn winter, making the floor cold.  She would have to put some rugs in later, or something.  Putting on her Snorlax feet slippers, [F/n] went to her kitchen.  Everything was so clean, and organized... [F/n] will put an end to that before the
:iconamulet-voltaire:Amulet-Voltaire 647 204
Markiplier x Youtuber!Reader- Why don't you laugh?
Amulet-Voltaire: :shrug: we’ll see where this takes us (translation: I’ll finish it if I have the want to finish it).  Obviously I don’t own anything BUT this story.  This story I own, I do not own you, Mark does, and I do not own Markiplier, he belongs to himself.  ENJOY!
[f/n] - first name
[l/n] - last name
[y/n] - Youtube name
[n/n] - nickname (whether it be your Youtube name related or not)
[e/c] - eye color
[h/c] - hair color
[h/l] - hair length
[f/c] - favorite color
[h/t] - home town

     You were moving into your new apartment.  Exciting way to start a story, right?  Well, to bad.  You were moving into a new apartment in LA, why?  Because your parents were dick-holes and you didn’t want to live with them anymore.  They didn’t think your job was an actually job.  Your point of view of a REAL job was a working environment that pays you enough to get by in life.  And you
:iconamulet-voltaire:Amulet-Voltaire 780 276
Bath Bubbles- Markiplier X Reader
Bath Bubbles
Mark X Reader
  I let the bath water run, making sure it was almost hot before adding a dash of liquid soap to it. The instant foaming of bubbles and the scent of winter spice filled the steamy air, inhaling it as I sat on the edge. I put everything aside, in reachable distance, and made sure to start adding cold water to temperate the hot. It made the room feel incredibly nice.
“Mark it’s getting ready!” I shouted, but I didn’t get a response, which made me bit my lip. Ever since Mark had this ‘little accident’ with a stone staircase, he had been stuck around the house lately, his cast preventing him from moving most of the time. He sat around, playing games for his fans, or doing mundane things to waste time, but I could see he was eating himself up in boredom, even resorting to prank calling Wade during the night.
  Because of this, I had been spending more time over here, fighting his objections and taking care of him. For
:icondj-sky-storm-117:DJ-Sky-Storm-117 686 87
Beach Craziness-TF2 X Reader
Beach Craziness
TF2 X Reader
Mild cursing, cause I hate it when it's layered everywhere!
“Umm…..Sol, what are you doing?”
   My eyes could not go any wider, watching as Soldier ran yelling as he gave chase to a seagull squealing loudly. The poor rat with wings was barley able to escape the man’s brutality, flying as fast as he could as Sol ran a few more paces before watching in scorn as it escaped. He then proceeded to pull out his gun and pop a bullet at it, missing by inches.
“Soldier, you can’t shoot on public beaches!” Medic exclaimed, trying to pry the weapon out of the buffer man’s grip. Good thing we were the only group out today on this secluded beach. “Especially not at the wildlife.”
“God damn thing got ahold of my sandwich and nearly made off with it.”
“But that doesn’t mean you can go killing the creature!”
   I cackled on the inside. Poor Sol and his sandwich. At
:icondj-sky-storm-117:DJ-Sky-Storm-117 337 113
Spiced Paperbacks- Markiplier X Reader
Spiced Paperbacks
Mark X Reader
   The crisp dusty scent of autumn cascaded down my back as another sorority group paraded into the book shop, joking and jabbing each other as they went straight to the coffee shop in the corner.
  I shook my head at them, enjoying their excitement for fall before turning another page. My novel was getting to the good part, where the smoking hot park ranger slowly made advances upon the tomboy he saved from a flash flood. I was just barely aware of my surroundings now, enthralled by the story developing in my hands on sand colored pages. The image of his storm colored eyes glowing in the firelight as she gently rested against his shoulder, lips opened slightly, as if inviting him to-
  Once again, another wash of cool air wisped against my thighs. This time, it was a loner, one with a confident grin on his face as he started off like the others: towards the caffeine. His stride was that of an alpha wolf, tendons working like a well o
:icondj-sky-storm-117:DJ-Sky-Storm-117 575 95

Sometimes every now and then
A special person comes along
They march to a different set of drums
And they sing a different song
You say those gamers are all alike
I’d say you’re out of your mind
Cause there ain’t no one quite like Mark
No one as sweet and as kind
The first time that I saw him
He was doing some silly dance
I thought to myself, “Wow he’s really cute!”
I’ll watch some and give him a chance
Half a million subscribers later
He’s still as funny as can be
But you don’t have to take my word
Check him out and then you’ll see 
From Drunk Minecraft with Bob and Wade
To let’s plays and talkin trash
From slenderman and Witch’s House
To Amnesia with Yamimash
Gmod Horror and Hells Resort
I bet Mario made You cuss
Don’t starve looks like lots of fun
And how awesome is The Last of Us
I hope you know I love you Mark
:iconmntdewmania:Mntdewmania 483 139
Markiplier by kefka334 Markiplier :iconkefka334:kefka334 1,926 231


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I'm Ticci Toby and i like waffles. i like to Draw, paint, sketch, and color. I draw wolves very well i can't Draw as well as most people but better than some.


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